How print makes you feel

You will hear people talk about “that feeling”

But what is it about having a photograph in your hands that feels so different to viewing that same image on a screen…

For me “that feeling” of printing photographs is one that you just cannot get through other types of media.

A few weeks ago i came back from an unforgettable trip to America with my girlfriend and two of our friends. Whilst we were there we took photographs of anything and everything using a mixture of digital and film cameras along with our iPhones (mainly for creating Boomerangs…)

We decided before going away that we would share the use of a cheap old 35mm camera we found on a stall at a vintage wholesalers. My idea was to show traditional Texas in a raw, analogue style and shooting film gave us an easy compact platform to do this.

After returning from the USA we both got straight back into our jobs and this meant (for me) the hundreds of digital images i shot would have to take a back burner so i could put the commercial work for my clients before any personal work.

However all was not lost, we still had the 35mm film sat there. So we sent the rolls of film we shot to my buddy Tom Mckean for him to do is thing and develop them for us. He is a young dude based in the North West of England with a passion for film photography and developing. You can find him on Instagram @tomckean

Today we have received back the first batch of prints from the little 35mm camera we took and not only has it brought back the memories of our trip but also has given me “that feeling” of having printed photos in your hands. I will be sharing some of the images from our travels, both digital and film through future blog posts and also over on my Instagram which you can find through this link @adepalma

If you haven’t printed photos before, do it. If you have, then print more.

Remember guys,